We are Beanie & Julie

Beanie MacDonald and
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We are experienced yoga and mindfulness teachers and jointly have a background and qualifications in yoga therapy and coaching. We have also completed specialist training in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and young adults.

We have worked with the general public, in hospitals, schools, businesses, and regularly with individuals including young adults and children.

We were teenagers!

Julie Stannard and
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Our Vision for young people


  • You know you aren’t alone with your troubles
  • You have the tools and resources to live your life more easily
  • You get to know your mind better and feel more in control
  • You can make clearer choices
  • This helps you get unstuck from a rut you may have been in for a while
  • You begin to feel empowered to find ways of being the best person you can be – yourself
  • You feel more positive about the future with the new life skills that you now have

The important stuff…

YOU are so important, YOU are the future.

Our teens are probably when we go through the most change in our life and so it is a very exciting time. But it can also be a time that is full of highs and lows and feeling unsure. You are probably discovering who you are but you don’t always know what you want and it may sometimes feel like you are the only one who feels the way you do.

At any time in our life we can feel unhappy, troubled, worried, angry, lonely, or confused but in our teens and beyond, we often haven’t developed many of the skills we need to navigate this. Mostly, we simply aren’t taught this stuff in school!

Taking the Next Step…

For many years now, we have been inspired to find ways of feeling happier and understanding ourselves better and as teachers and therapists, sharing this knowledge with others. One of the most inspiring and effective approaches we have discovered is Mindfulness. So though the MTK we want to share much of what we have learnt with you!

Please use these resources to explore, experiment, share; and learn how to shape every moment.

Julie and Beanie x

MTK in Schools

See our guide to a Mindful School day and explore how it can benefit YOU.

Working with Students & Teachers

Tools, Practices & Teachings

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