Mindfulness in Schools

Our Intention for Schools is to include everyone!

So whether you are a student, teacher, support staff, parent or carer, we hope you find something here to help you.

We aim to:

  • Support teachers teaching in the classroom by helping them learn to calm, and reduce their own stress and reactivity
  • Improve the education and learning of students by teaching exercises to calm and focus attention at the beginning and end of lessons and between tasks

To support education and learning for everyone by helping you develop skills in:

Diversity in Schools
  • Being Present
  • Reconnecting to ourselves and the moment
  • Kindness and openness
  • Focused attention
  • Resilience, calm and steadiness
  • Stepping back (being objective in challenging situations)
  • Ability to be embodied, to calm the mind and nervous system by using focused attention on the breath and body

Guide to a Mindful School Day

Getting a good start!

Begin your day by taking a 3 step breathing space

Visualise your day ahead and especially notice any aspects that you think will be stressful or demanding and see yourself managing them with calm and ease

During the day

Try bringing the mind’s attention to body sensations and breathing as a way of becoming present and unhooking and detaching from overthinking especially negative thinking.

Slow down

When we get stressed there is a tendency to speed up, so slow down a little with your movements.

Breathe – a long slow out breath when you notice you are rushing

Feel the sensations of your feet on floor

Between Lessons

Close your eyes and take a few slow breaths

Say something supportive to yourself that you might say to a friend like – “It’s OK”, “You’ve got this”, “Well done”

Walk mindfully between locations in the building, noticing the sensations in your body as you move – know you are walking and enjoy it! Capture the moment.

End of the day…

Take another 3 step breathing space

Go through your day in your mind’s eye. Congratulate yourself on what went well and bring warmth and compassion to yourself around things that might have gone better.


Looking for more ways to become mindful throughout your day?

Share. Encourage students to use resources like the MTK.

Tips for Teachers


Looking for training for your staff?

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