Tips for Teachers

Creating a Mindful Classroom

We believe a mindfulness curriculum should be taught by trained and experienced mindfulness teachers.

However, there are many benefits to sharing mindful moments with your students that can enrich and support teaching and learning.

It is important that you practice these regularly yourself, so that you feel comfortable sharing them. Perhaps try them out on a friend or colleague first.

Always do the practices WITH your students so that you are all being mindful together.

Make it Happen

At the start of the day, take a couple minutes to review your lesson plans.

Visualise how the day will proceed. See yourself responding to your students and colleagues with dignity and calm.

Small mindful practices to try

  • Beginning of class – “Arriving” settle into your posture, noticing your own breathing, perhaps placing your hand on your belly for 1 minute. Ring a bell or play a sound from your phone to mark the beginning and end. Do this with your students. Encourage them to listen to the sound of their own breath as this will help them to quieten!
  • Between activities – “Pit-stop” taking a break by using breath and movement

Breath and movement

  1. “Shoulder squeezes”, synchronised with the breath – up as you breathe in and down as you breathe out.
  2. “Up and down breathing” hands on lap, palms up as you breathe in and down as you breathe out.
  3. “Finger breathing” tracing a finger up and down the fingers of the other hand as you breathe.
  • End of class – “Pin-Drop” Listening practice, taking the awareness wide to sounds outside, steadily coming closer to the room and finally to sound of our own breathing. Having to be very quiet to hear. Teacher then can do review and homework quietly.
  • To finish – This practice need only take a few seconds Sitting ”Mountain-like” feet on the floor, with a tall posture, confident, clear.
    Ask students to think of one thing they would like to remember from today’s lesson.

Before a test or exam

Noticing the support of the ground and chair. Perhaps, inviting students to shrug the shoulders and yawn, or sighing out the breath.

Following their breathing for 1 minute – maybe hand on their belly, or tuning into sensations of their hands or feet. They can visualise themselves completing the paper calmly and allowing the knowledge they have to flow easily. Then seeing themselves as having completed the test well and putting down the pen.

At any time they notice nerves getting the better of them, returning awareness to their feet, hands or breath and noticing sensations.


Looking for more ways to become mindful throughout your day?

Share. Encourage students to use resources like the MTK.

Tips for Teachers


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