• mtk-toolkits
    This gives you all five 'Bite-size' practices: Under-Pressure, Confidence, Worry, Sleep and Kindness. So that you have just the right practice available whenever you need it!
  • tk-bs-calm


    This practice is designed to help you let go and drift off to sleep by taking our awareness on a mindful journey around the body. It can also be helpful at other times if you are feeling tense or tired.
  • tk-bs-under-pressure-1
    This practice will help you to notice and relax the tension in your body and steady and calm yourself so that you can take more control and decide what to do next with a clearer mind.
  • tk-bs-worry-1


    This practice will help you to steady and support yourself with your breath and body so that you can take a step back from your thoughts and feelings and relate to them with more curiosity not believing everything they might say.
  • tk-bs-confidence-1


    This practice will help you to find a tall, firm, upright posture – mountain like. This will encourage feelings of security, steadiness and cheerfulness, so that you can find your composure and quiet confidence to better surf the waves coming in.
  • tk-bs-kindness-1


    This practice will help you acknowledge that it is part of life to encounter things that aren't wanted to bring the same kindness towards yourself that you would towards a friend.